A hotel embraces the world.

Welcome to a hotel where you can travel to faraway places while staying at home. Be a guest in our hotel, where diversity is upheld while uniqueness is celebrated.
We are looking forward to you!
The GABRIUM is located in a very special location in Maria Enzersdorf and is part of the lifeworlds of St. Gabriel. Experience interesting insights with our brandnew video clip!

Breakfast at GABRIUM

Our buffet will raise your spirits! Fresh juices, jam and honey from the monestry next door, cereals, spicy egg dishes and perhaps a slice of farmhouse bread with ham? Try out delicious cake, fresh out of the oven! We will gladly pamper guests not staying at the hotel and would be happy to take reservations .

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Gabrium GmbH
Grenzgasse 111
2344 Maria Enzersdorf